Tandem Diabetes Insulin Pump Case

2017 - A protective second skin for the T:Slim and T:Flex cases. My responsibilities were concept ideation, design validation, and engineering support. Our design strategy was to improve upon the previous offerings by prioritizing and addressing common issues. In a focus group conducted by Tandem Diabetes we learned that 9 out of 10 users preferred the new case, and that the case performed higher in every category.


Material Selection

There were a few pain points with the previous offerings.  Firstly, users would have to repurchase a case every so often after a few drops because the case or clip would crack. In the end, users just want a solid and dependable solution. This was addressed by developing a comolded design using TPU for flexibiliy, and poly carbonate for structure and rigidity where it was needed.


Removing the Cartridge

The second major problem is that users would have to remove the entire case whenever they needed to change the insulin cartridge. The new design solved this problem by creating a solution that didn't require the removal of the entire device to replace the cartridge. This was done by creating an opening large enough to allow the cartridge so slide out, and an access area to push the cartridge out.


The Power of the Clip

The role of the clip was important for the existing customers. Users often commit to a single orientation when they purchase the device and tend to stick with it after. Some users prefer not to use a clip at all, and store the insulin pump in their pocket. The design allows users to orient the clip vertically, horizontally, or go unused altogether. The clip is a simple spring steel solution that provides a low profile hold without the risk of cracking.


Two Sizes

The case was adapted to be used on Tandem's larger insulin capacity pump. 

side by side.png